Choosing A Nursing Home: Caring For Your Loved One's Spiritual Needs

Posted on: 29 January 2016

When selecting a nursing home for your loved one, you want to make sure that he or she will get the best possible medical care and support. Another thing to consider is your relative's spiritual needs. As you search for the best nursing home, consider these factors to ensure that the mind, body and spirit are all taken into account when creating your loved one's care plan.

Transportation To Worship Services

Will the nursing home allow your relative to attend religious services outside of the facility? Some care centers offer transportation options for patients who are physically able to travel, while others allow local churches to transport patients to and from services throughout the week. If your loved one wants to attend services each week, you'll want to talk to the nursing home care coordinator to make sure this is a possibility.

In-House Worship

For patients who aren't able to travel, finding a nursing home that offers in-house religious services is essential. Nursing homes sometimes work with local churches to arrange for weekly services to be held in the cafeteria or multipurpose room, which makes it easy for your loved one to attend church without leaving the facility. Talk to the nursing home about this option and be sure to ask which denominations are served. Your relative may be resistant to attend services if they don't hold true to your family's religious beliefs.

Faith-Based Care

It may be important to your loved one to be cared for by doctors who share his or her faith. You can find faith-based nursing homes that specialize in providing care that aligns with your loved one's medical and religious needs. This may include prayer services before medical treatments or following a medical treatment routine that aligns with the specifics of your family's chosen religion. Be sure to ask each nursing home you tour about any religious affiliations or faith-based care options before signing up for care.

Faith-Based Counseling

For some people in nursing homes, having a counselor to talk to about feelings, fears and concerns is helpful. Finding a nursing home that provides religious or faith-based counseling can help your loved one to feel more connected to his or her spirituality while dealing with the emotions that come with transitioning to nursing home care. Talk to each nursing home facility about their mental health services, including counseling, to ensure your loved one will have access to the most comforting emotional support system possible.

Religious and secular nursing homes both offer spiritual and religious support for their patients. Looking at all of the available options before selecting a facility will help you to make sure your relative gets the best possible care for his or her physical and spiritual needs. If you're looking for a Christian nursing home establishment, visit National Church Residences.


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