Teens And Youth Ministry: What Parent's Should Look For When Choosing A Youth Group For Their Teenagers

Posted on: 26 January 2016

With the number of churches and religious organizations in your local community, you may find it overwhelming when trying to find the right youth group for your child to attend. You want a group that encourages your child's spiritual growth, and you want belonging to a youth group to be a positive experience for your child.

Narrowing down the choices may seem like a daunting task. However, by following a few guidelines, you can choose a youth ministry where your child will thrive.

Does the ministry have its doctrine clearly stated for you to review?

Doctrine is the foundation of churches and religious organizations. Doctrine defines what beliefs are taught and followed. You should be able to obtain a written copy of the doctrine to review before your child attends any youth meetings. Many churches and organizations have websites where you can view a copy of their doctrine. Avoid any organization that does not have a doctrine clearly stated. Look for a youth ministry that has values and beliefs that match yours. If a youth ministry teaches beliefs that do not line up with yours, look for a different group.

How large is the youth ministry?

Size isn't always an indicator of the value of a group. However, teens typically flock to places where they enjoy hanging out. If large groups of teens seem excited about a youth ministry, there is probably a reason for their enthusiasm and excitement.

Does the ministry encourage spiritual growth?

The teen years are an important time when it comes to spiritual growth. Teens should be learning the importance of growing in their faith, being compassionate to others, and helping those in need. Look for a group that is involved in community outreach projects and goes on mission trips to other areas. Also, look for a group that encourages a strong work ethic. For instance, look for a youth ministry that works to earn money for their youth activities rather than expecting everything to be provided.

Does the ministry provide plenty of fun activities for the youth?

While spiritual growth and serving others is important, a good youth ministry will also have plenty of fun activities planned. Outings to go bowling or skating, having pizza parties, and going to concerts are some of the activities that are wholesome and fun for teens. Game nights are also popular with teens. Balance is the key. If a youth ministry only goes to sporting events and your teen isn't into sports, it's not likely to be a group your teen will be excited about. A good youth ministry will have a variety of activities that will appeal to a diverse group of teens.

Knowing what to look for in a good youth ministry is the first step to narrowing down the list of options that can seem overwhelming. Knowing your child is learning the doctrinal values of faith you've instilled in them at home will give you peace of mind. The right mix of fun and outreach activities will give your teen a youth ministry experience that will help them grow into well-rounded adults. For more information on youth ministries, contact a church such as the Crossroads Baptist Church. 


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