How To Plan A Child's Funeral

Posted on: 19 January 2016

Grieving over the loss of a beloved adult is hard enough. However, when a child passes away, there is added grief. Often there are even questions like, "Why couldn't it have been me instead?" If you are the person who is planning the child's funeral, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan something memorable.

The whole purpose of a funeral is for those who are left behind to be able to say goodbye to the child, to pay tribute to his or her young life, and to have a measure of closure so they can begin the healing process. 

The Spoken Word - Words can heal through bringing back sweet memories. They can also help those in the congregation know the deceased child a little better. Are you giving the eulogy or the life story? Whether you are honored to do this or whether it is somebody else, make sure that there are plenty of anecdotes, including humorous ones, that will lighten a sad mood. Include school commendations and other awards the child received. Also, tell about favorite hobbies, trips, and any sports or other activities which the child enjoyed. 

A Message Through Music - Including music in the funeral service is a wonderful thing to do. Does your church have a children's choir that would perform children's hymns? Perhaps there are siblings and cousins that would be willing to perform. Jesus Loves Me, He Has The Whole World In His Hands, All Things Bright And Beautiful and Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam are all great choices. A medley of hymns played on the violin, the piano, or as a small orchestra is another idea. If you don't want religious music, think about songs like You Have A Friend In Me, Circle Of Life, Colors Of The Wind, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. 

A Display - A very special thing to do is to create a display that shows the deceased child's life through pictures and objects. Choose pictures from the time of birth until the present time. Was the child in Scouts? Then a display of badges he or she earned would be good. Did the child play the piano? Sheet music of favorite songs would be wonderful. Include art work, crafts, toys and any other objects that tell what the child loved,

A very thoughtful thing to do is to send everybody away with a small picture of the child and words of comfort. Some to consider are, "Think of me in a happy way" or "Thank you for being a part of my life." 

Preparing a funeral an be overwhelming, so there are also professional services, like Louis Suburban Chapel Inc., that can assist you in this difficult time.


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